“DANNYSSWEETS” confectionery company was founded in 2018 in Armenia. It’s a family owned company. Our first product was “LOLLIPOPS”. From the very first days of operation, much attention was paid to the issue of product quality. That is why our brand is one of the most popular in Armenia today, and the range of products produced reaches several dozen types. The achievements of the company are great, as “DANNYSSWEETS” is one of the first in its activity. Our sweets are handmade, exclusively from natural raw materials.

You can find our current and expected assortments on the main page of the website, which can be bought from our partners.

Our goal for the coming  year is to open a private coffeeshop in the capital, where our unique assortments will be presented.

We also accept orders for different holidays according to the customer’s preference, making the evening more cheerful and colorful with our wide range of products.

High quality sugar
Does not contain preservatives